On Death and Dying

I couldn’t help but notice, while doing final page proofs of Light, my current preoccupation with death.

Death is my stock in trade. I’ve been a horror writer for more than a quarter century, and my Instruments of Death series of police procedurals examines the manner and means of death in graphic detail. So do my other novels and most of my short stories.

Death stalks us all every day of our lives. Death is the Great Mystery.

I began to explore death itself in the Winds-series of supernatural suspense novels that starts with Abandoned.

Abandoned was published last March by Eldritch Press. Darkness appeared in June from 2AM Publications. Light is scheduled to see print in September and Winds will come out at the end of October. Time will debut in March of 2016. Mysterious Ways and Daughters of Nyx will be out next summer. These are all stand-alone novels with some recurring characters I’ve learned to love. Each novel is around 120,000 words. That’s nearly a million words devoted to the themes of death, dying, and rebirth.


6 thoughts on “On Death and Dying

  1. In the old days, using my upright Royal manual, I hacked out a novel a week. I slowed down when I began using computers. The learning curve took so much of my time (to say nothing about distractions like Facebook and blogging) that I have slowed considerably. I write at least a thousand words of fresh fiction every day. That amounts to one 120,000 novel every 4 months, including time for revisions. I am now a fanatic about revisions, and I brood over words until I have the right words in the right places. My goal is 3 completed novels a year and two short stories. Novels and stories appearing in print this year were competed in 2012 or 2013.

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    1. It’s a different skill set, I think. And one I need to master. I never thought of short stories in those terms. Thanks for your advice, Paul. I really, really appreciate it. Oh, and congrats on the features in the mags. Woot!


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