One man in his time plays many parts

I thank God (all of the gods) for a classical education.

Of course, I also wish to thank Tom and JoAnn Shaheen and the Rockford Board of Ed (1949-1962); Reverend Robert J. Hjelm of North Park Theological Seminary; Mary Dearing Lewis, Jeremy Ingalls, John Bennett, and Donald Walhout of Rockford College, now Rockford University (1964-1966); James Powell and DGS 111 and 112, A Survey History of Civilization, at the University of Illinois (1962-1963); Fathers Manion and Marian at Loyola University of Chicago (1973-1975); and Tom Roberts, my friend and thesis adviser, at Northern Illinois University (1997-2005). Along the way, I had the opportunity to study with Viktor Frankl, Russell Kirk, Karl Raimund Popper, Joseph and Judith Agassi, and Frederik Pohl. They were the mentors who were like gods to me, appearing like magic in my life when the student was ready.

I was, and still am, the perpetual student. I majored in physics, journalism, philosophy, English, and psychology. I have been a poet, a priest, a preacher. I have been a scientist, a soldier, a therapist, a teacher.

I am a writer. Writers are many things.


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