Which of my characters appeals to you most?

When I’m asked what are the two most important things authors can do to promote their books, I always include “be interactive with readers” as one of them.


Let me practice what I preach (show, don’t tell) and ask for your interaction with me this morning.


What one character in any or all of my 30 plus published books do you identify with most? Is it The Ranger from Abandoned, Darkness, and Light? Is it Deb from Abandoned and Light? Is it Lokesvara? Is it Anong? Is it Carl Erickson or Andy Sinnott? Is it Sally Brightson or Connie Kelly?


Why? What is it about that character that appeals to you or rings true?


Inquiring minds really want to know!




One thought on “Which of my characters appeals to you most?

  1. Oh, my goodness, Anong for sure. I love her. I wanted to take her in my arms and comfort her as I was finishing Light. But then, you showed us that she is grounded and capable–even though we all need some mothering now and again. Still, look at the powerful woman that she is! I will be following her on her journey.

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