Pseudo-scientific study of psycho-sexual deviants

I recently came across, buried in the archives of the CIA’s behavioral research institute, mention of this study which was published in an obscure scientific journal in 1962 . The details in the body of the study have been redacted, but the abstract remained intact.


Risk-Taking and thrill-addiction among sexual-social deviants in an urban political environment 1962: A pseudo-scientific psycho-sexual study.

PD Anderson, BS, MA, MS ED, PHD, BCH, CI

Former Fellow Miskatonic University, Arkham, MA

Inmate and Director of Innsmouth Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane

Abstract: Because no significant similarities between risk-taking behaviors of psycho-sexual social deviants and national political figures appeared in previous studies funded by grants from the National Institutes for Covert Political Activities (CPA), follow-up studies to replicate results were evidently neither funded nor conducted. Those previous studies now appear flawed in light of recent experiments at Innsmouth Sanitarium. Sixteen new experiments were undertaken to determine the probability of psycho-sexual predators ascending to prominence in national politics. Twelve male subjects, inmates of Innsmouth Sanitarium, volunteered to become test political candidates. Fictitious backgrounds were created for each subject. Neurolinguistic programming protocols were utilized to mount successful campaigns for House and Senate seats. Those subjects let lose to act on their own without inhibition beat the pants off their opponents. The four control subjects, all normal citizens selected at random, failed to attain political prominence. Preliminary findings indicate that the ideal political candidate is a risk-taking, thrill-seeking, sexual deviant. Additional experiments are currently underway to replicate the results.


Other experiments, allegedly utilizing serial killers as assassins, were proposed. I found no mention of those studies actually being funded or conducted.


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