Living With Cancer & Staying Positive: I’m Positive I’m Tired.

A brave and determined woman can win any battle.

Ceci N'est Pas Une Blog

Well, the oncologist told me that fatigue is one of the side effects of the hormones. Considering the hormones seem to be extending my life, possibly saving it outright, it seems churlish to complain.

Yeah, that’s me: Churlish Cadigan, scourge of the sofa. When I can stay awake, that is. Not that I’m necessarily asleep, though. Often I’m in a state where, uh…um… … … … … … Uh, was I saying something?

I haven’t talked about it much because I thought it would pass with April. The transition between seasons, especially when there’s a time-change involved, gets a little more difficult every year. This year, I’m still jet-lagged even as we near the end of May and look toward the longest day of the year coming up in June.

And I have no energy at all. None whatsoever. Whatever it is, if I can’t do it sitting down, it’s…

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