Tired But Not Dead Yet: Living With Incorrigible Cancer

Ceci N'est Pas Une Blog

Yeah, you read that right. First I was terminal. Then I was incurable. Now I’ve decided incorrigible is really the most accurate term. Seriously, it only makes sense––I mean, I’m incorrigible, therefore my cancer must be as well.

Terminal and incurable aren’t very good at parties but incorrigible is something you can have a little fun with. You can take the piss out of it whenever you want. Sometimes it’s tiresome and boring; when it gets that way, you can ignore it in favour of something with more depth and meaning. And when you’re feeling more energetic, you can scorch it with two or three one-liners to remind it that you’re the real talent and it’s just a one-trick pony.

Incorrigible cancer: eventually, it may revert to its previous status. Well, fck it if it can’t take a joke. Just because it loses its sense of humour doesn’t meant I

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