Here is my interview with Paul Dale Anderson


Paul resized

Name  Paul Dale Anderson

Age 70

Where are you from

Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. Left Rockford for twenty-some years while serving in the Army and to further my education. My wife and I bought a home in Rockford in 1988.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

My middle name Dale is an Americanization of Dalarna, the province in Sweden where my paternal grandmother came from in 1890. My male cousins on that side of the family all have Dale as their middle names.

I’m an only child. My parents were old enough to be my grandparents, and the one thing we did together every day was read. Both of my parents were prodigious readers. They read to me, and I read to them. I’m also a perpetual student, and I attended the University of Illinois, Rockford College, University of Chicago, Loyola University…

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4 thoughts on “Here is my interview with Paul Dale Anderson

  1. How nice to revisit this! Marie remembers it from the first time around, especially our discussion about “second person present tense.” Going now to look iit up, once and for all–and smiling as I do it. I still think that some of your best writing emerged when you went out of your comfort zone and used first person, from a female POV. Thank you again for reposting this – so much has happened since it first appeared!


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